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is an Italian company that for over 25 years is taken care of the realization of furniture solutions for hardware stores, paint factories and supermarkets DIY, gardening, housewares, plumbing and electrical equipment sectors.

Furnishing solutions for stores and supermarkets.


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Design & consulting services

The technical Design 89 | Provost Italia office offers design consultancy for stores, supermarkets, large-scale distribution operators and specialized retailers looking to develop a new project or simply renovate an existing store space.




Read the Design 89 catalogues! You can discover the full range of products, accessories, displays and services for shops, DIY and supermarkets.

Who we are


For over 25 years Design 89 has been operating in the large-sale distribution. It has been founded by Giorgio De Zolt and his wife Simona Noseda.

Since the beginning of the 90s, Giorgio has been involved in shopfitting and then he has been specialized in creating a production process of display solutions for shops and supermarkets to a national and international scale, from the design to implementation.